Tankwa Karoo - landscape with wildflowers and mountain - Credit: Wildscapes



Today is Day #3 of our lockdown in South Africa, and whilst we can’t escape the physical confines of the situation, we are each blessed with limitless imaginations and a treasure trove of memories we can use to adventure our way out beyond the claustrophobic anxiety of this unprecedented global crisis.

My plan was to have the new blog launched in time for the start of lockdown, but I somehow managed to get myself locked out of WordPress. Oops! But better late than never.

Remember to check in every day for a blast from the past – and some new news too!

The idea behind this travel blog is to re-visit our archive of newsletters, like the nostalgia-sweetened re-reading of handwritten letters received in the post from an old friend on the other side of the globe. I’ll be rummaging around on the Web for new information, photos and hopefully inspiring you to submit your own stories, whether written, videoed or photographed!

Please email me if you’re keen!

In adventure (and sterkte),


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And without further ado, here’s the very first newsletter

from our dusty archives dated 2 September 2013!


Tankwa Karoo - Travel Blog - Mountain Passes South Africa
Credit: Landscape with wildflowers: African Pride | Jackal Buzzard: Garth McIntosh

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We’re back from a ‘dirty weekend’ in the Tankwa Karoo during one of the worst weather systems in decades. It was exciting driving hundreds of kilometers over soggy, muddy roads with only 4×4’s and bakkies to be seen.

We managed to get nine passes filmed, including:

The Northern Cape is a massive blaze of wildflowers. Those who risk going a little off the standard routes will be richly rewarded. (The best flowers were to be seen near the crossing of the Doring River northeast of the Klipfonteinrant Pass.)

Tankwa Karoo - landscape with wildflowers and mountain - Credit: Wildscapes



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