Facts & Stats – Pass Planner (Digital download)


Digital download (spreadsheet) containing all the vital statistics of 822 South African mountain passes. (updated)

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This updated master spreadsheet (version 2) now contains all the vital statistics of 822 South African mountain passes. This is by far the most comprehensive and accurate set of data ever accumulated on the subject. Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet you can sort the passes into any order of your preference and tick off from this list those passes you have driven. The spreadsheet is the perfect travel companion to have with you on any trip.

Please note that this document is copyright protected. It may not be copied in any manner. It is strictly for the exclusive use of the purchaser.

Information includes the following:
(a) Province of location
(b) GPS co-ordinates of start, summit and end points
(c) Elevation of start, summit and end points
(d) Altitude gain/loss
(e) Distance of the pass
(f) Direction of travel
(g) Time needed
(h) Speed Limit
(i) Road surface
(j) Road number or route number
(k) Nearest town/city
(l) Distance to nearest town
(m) Hyperlink to MPSA (you need to be online for this feature to work)

You need to have Microsoft Excel (part of Microsoft Office), OpenOffice, or LibreOffice (free) installed to open the spreadsheet file.